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**The 10 Best NCIS Episodes, Ranked**

1. **”Twilight” (Season 2, Episode 23)**
– The shocking death of Kate Todd sets the tone for future seasons and introduces Ziva David.

2. **”Heartland” (Season 6, Episode 4)**
– A deep dive into Gibbs’ past reveals his complex relationship with his father.

3. **”SWAK” (Season 2, Episode 22)**
– Tony DiNozzo’s life hangs in the balance after a letter containing a deadly virus is sent to NCIS.

4. **”Kill Ari” (Season 3, Episodes 1 & 2)**
– Ziva David’s introduction and the team’s intense hunt for Ari Haswari make for a gripping two-parter.

5. **”Judgment Day” (Season 5, Episodes 18 & 19)**
– The tragic death of Jenny Shepard and the reshuffling of the team leave fans reeling.

6. **”Truth or Consequences” (Season 7, Episode 1)**
– The team’s daring rescue of Ziva from terrorists showcases their unbreakable bond.

7. **”Requiem” (Season 5, Episode 7)**
– Gibbs confronts his past as he saves his late daughter’s best friend from a watery grave.

8. **”Shabbat Shalom” and “Shiva” (Season 10, Episodes 11 & 12)**
– The murder of Ziva’s father and Director Vance’s wife leads to heart-wrenching performances and intense action.

9. **”Family First” (Season 13, Episode 24)**
– Tony DiNozzo’s emotional farewell as he leaves NCIS to care for his daughter, Tali.

10. **”Yankee White” (Season 1, Episode 1)**
– The pilot episode introduces Gibbs, DiNozzo, and Abby, setting the foundation for the series.

These episodes are celebrated for their compelling storylines, character development, and the emotional depth they bring to the NCIS universe.

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