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The Most Critical Moment in Tony and Ziva’s NCIS History Happened Off-Screen

Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, known for their roles as Tony and Ziva on NCIS, are back in the spotlight. They’ve launched the Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch podcast, where they revisit key Tony and Ziva episodes, all in anticipation of the new NCIS: Tony & Ziva spinoff on Paramount+. This spinoff marks a first for the franchise by premiering on a platform other than CBS, continuing the story of Tony and Ziva from where they left off in the flagship series. Fans have eagerly awaited their reunion since Ziva’s departure in season 11, and new insights from the podcast highlight the beginning of their on-screen chemistry. The most important moment for Tony and Ziva was, in fact, Cote de Pablo’s audition.

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