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The beloved characters Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David will be making their return soon, and here’s what fans are eagerly anticipating.

“NCIS: Tony & Ziva” is getting closer, although the exact release date of the spinoff is still unknown. To make the wait a bit easier, we’ve compiled the top requests from fans who have been waiting for years to see a full-fledged reunion of these characters.

**1. Reunion in Paris**
Although Tony and Ziva haven’t appeared together on the small screen in years, their relationship and the characters themselves have remained beloved by fans. Tony and Ziva had a reunion on the original “NCIS,” but it wasn’t shown to the viewers, which felt like a missed opportunity. In Season 17, Ziva returns from the dead and tells Gibbs that Tony and their daughter Tali are waiting for her in Paris, but it happened off-screen. Fans are hoping for a flashback to that touching event.

**2. Tony & Ziva’s Happy Family Life**
Most of Tony and Ziva’s family dynamics and interactions with their daughter Tali have been left off-screen, and viewers are eager to catch up on all the missed moments of their happy family life. Many fans are less interested in the action and chases across Europe and more in the quiet, peaceful life of these two, especially since they deserve it. Viewers hope that the writers will give Tony, Ziva, and Tali at least one episode of idyllic family life.

**3. Tony & Ziva’s Relationship Dynamic**
Although Tony and Ziva decided to become a full-fledged family, it raised questions among fans. They had been through so much together that it seemed their relationship was beyond repair. For example, Ziva hiding Tali from Tony and then faking her own death does not seem like the healthiest relationship. The new series is a great opportunity for the writers to show the reasons that led Tony and Ziva to family life and make their reunion not just fan service but a logical and balanced decision by two adults.

**4. Happy Ending**
Fans are tired of tragic and heartbreaking stories. As much as “NCIS” fans love drama, it might be time for the characters to get what they deserve and live happily ever after. Viewers hope that the plot will be filled with adrenaline-fueled chases and shootouts that bring Tony and Ziva even closer together, but they also want the story to culminate in a peaceful life where no one is on the brink of death.

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