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The beloved characters Tony and Ziva are set to return soon, and fans are buzzing with anticipation. The upcoming spin-off, NCIS: Tony & Ziva, is drawing closer, though the exact release date remains unknown. To ease the wait, here are the top fan requests for this long-awaited reunion.

Reunion in Paris Although Tony and Ziva haven’t shared the screen in years, their relationship has remained a fan favorite. While they reunited on NCIS, it was off-screen, leaving fans wanting more. In Season 17, Ziva returned from the dead and mentioned that Tony and their daughter Tali were waiting for her in Paris, but this moment was never shown. Fans are hoping for a flashback to this touching reunion.
Tony & Ziva’s Happy Family Life Much of Tony and Ziva’s family life, including their interactions with Tali, has been left off-screen. Viewers are eager to catch up on these missed moments and see the family dynamics. Many fans are less interested in action scenes and more in the peaceful, everyday life of this beloved family, who certainly deserve some happiness. An episode showcasing their idyllic family life is highly anticipated.
Tony & Ziva Relationship Dynamic Despite deciding to become a family, Tony and Ziva’s relationship has had its complexities. They have endured so much together that their reunion may seem challenging to some fans. Ziva hiding Tali from Tony and then faking her own death, for instance, points to a tumultuous relationship. The new series offers an opportunity for writers to delve into the reasons behind their decision to reunite and present it as a logical and balanced choice by two adults.
Happy Ending Fans are ready for a break from tragic and heartbreaking stories. While drama is a staple of NCIS, viewers hope that Tony and Ziva will finally get the happiness they deserve. The plot can still include exciting chases and shootouts that bring the couple closer together, but the ultimate hope is for them to settle into a peaceful life without constant danger.
Fans eagerly await NCIS: Tony & Ziva and hope it fulfills these wishes, bringing their favorite characters the happy and fulfilling lives they’ve longed for.

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