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Certainly! Here are some of the best Michael Weatherly projects to watch while waiting for NCIS: Tony & Ziva:

1. **NCIS** – Start with where it all began. Watch Michael Weatherly as Special Agent Tony DiNozzo in this long-running crime procedural.

2. **Dark Angel** – Weatherly plays the role of Logan Cale in this sci-fi series about genetically enhanced children escaping from a secret government facility.

3. **Bull** – Follow Weatherly in a different legal drama role as Dr. Jason Bull, a trial consultant using psychology and human intuition to win cases.

4. **The Last Days of Disco** – A comedy-drama film where Weatherly portrays Hap, part of a group of friends navigating life and relationships in the 1980s.

5. **Loving** – Watch Weatherly in this romantic drama film based on a true story about an interracial couple fighting for their right to marry.

6. **Jesse** – Weatherly stars as Diego in this romantic drama series about a single mother trying to balance work, romance, and raising her son.

7. **Major Crimes** – Catch Weatherly in a guest role as Detective Arthur “Archie” Higgins in this spin-off of *The Closer*.

8. **Charlie Valentine** – A crime film where Weatherly plays Danny Valentine, a man trying to navigate his way through a world of crime and betrayal.

9. **Whispers in the Dark** – Watch Weatherly as the charming Doug in this thriller where a psychiatrist becomes entangled in a dangerous game of seduction and deception.

These projects showcase Michael Weatherly’s versatility as an actor across various genres, keeping you entertained until the return of NCIS: Tony & Ziva.

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