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Several shows have met their end in 2024, leaving fans feeling some were cut too soon. Among them, CSI: Vegas, part of CBS’ enduring franchise, was canceled after just three seasons, leaving many storylines unfinished. Lead actress Paula Newsome even pitched a crossover idea involving an NCIS alum as a guest star, a concept fans would have loved to see before the series’ cancellation.

In a recent interview with TVLine, Paula Newsome discussed the CSI: Vegas finale and the potential developments fans missed out on, including Max’s relationship with her new boyfriend post-divorce from Rob Morgan’s Daniel. Interestingly, Newsome revealed that she had initially envisioned Rocky Carroll, her former NCIS co-star who played Leon Vance, as her character’s ex-husband. Despite her enthusiasm, Carroll discouraged the idea, believing the producers wouldn’t approve. Newsome fondly recalled their past collaboration on NCIS, where she portrayed Jackie Vance until the character’s tragic demise in Season 10.

Reflecting on what could have been a reunion, Newsome expressed regret that the opportunity never materialized due to scheduling conflicts and assumptions about the producers’ response. Nonetheless, she remains hopeful for future collaborations. Meanwhile, fans can revisit their favorite moments from NCIS and CSI: Vegas on Paramount+.

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