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“CBS Unveils Exciting Changes for 2024-25 TV Season Lineup

In a surprising twist, CBS has announced a major shakeup for its upcoming 2024-25 television season lineup. With beloved shows undergoing significant changes and new offerings hitting the screens, the network is set to captivate audiences in fresh and exciting ways.

Leading the charge is “NCIS: Origins,” a prequel to the long-running and immensely popular “NCIS” franchise. Set to explore the early days of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, this new series promises to reveal the origins of the elite team of agents fans have come to adore. Expect high-stakes investigations and compelling character dynamics as viewers dive into the formative years of their favorite characters.

In another bold move, CBS introduces “Georgie & Mandy,” a quirky take on the classic buddy cop genre with a comedic twist. Starring Detective Georgie, a seasoned veteran, and Officer Mandy, a bright-eyed rookie, the series follows their misadventures as they tackle crime in their bustling city. With humor, heart, and plenty of action, this odd couple promises a unique viewing experience that will keep audiences entertained.

Alongside these new offerings, CBS is gearing up for several other changes, from scheduling adjustments to casting shakeups. By combining beloved franchises with fresh concepts, the network aims to cater to a diverse audience while delivering quality programming.

With thrilling mysteries, laugh-out-loud moments, and heartfelt stories in store, CBS is primed for a season like no other. Get ready for an unforgettable lineup that promises to redefine primetime television.”

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