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CBS faces a tumultuous year in TV programming, with the cancellation of So Help Me Todd, NCIS: Hawaii, and CSI: Vegas leaving fans and cast members disappointed. So Help Me Todd, known for its quirky charm and blend of comedy and drama, quickly gained a loyal following. News of its cancellation sparked outcry on social media, with fans rallying to #SaveSoHelpMeTodd. Marcia Gay Harden and Camryn Manheim expressed gratitude and disappointment, echoing fans’ sentiments.

The decline of CSI: Vegas came as no shock, with plummeting ratings sealing its fate despite a strong start. NCIS: Hawaii’s cancellation, however, caught many off-guard, despite efforts to secure a final season falling short. CBS CEO George Cheeks attributed the decisions to strategic programming changes, emphasizing the need for tough choices amidst shifting priorities.

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