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In a candid interview, actress Cote de Pablo opened up about the challenges she faces when traveling with her longtime friend and former “NCIS” co-star, Michael Weatherly. Despite their close bond, de Pablo admitted that certain aspects of their trips together can be tough to navigate.

She chuckled as she revealed the first hurdle: Weatherly’s penchant for early mornings. “Michael is an early riser,” she shared. “He loves seizing the day and getting a head start on everything. Meanwhile, I’m more of a night owl, so waking up at the crack of dawn can be a struggle for me.”

De Pablo also highlighted Weatherly’s adventurous spirit as another challenge. “Michael is always eager to try new things and explore every corner of a destination,” she explained. “While I admire his zest for life, sometimes I just crave relaxation and taking it easy.”

Despite these differences, de Pablo emphasized that their friendship remains strong, and they always find a way to enjoy their time together, whether on set or off exploring the world. “Ultimately, it’s all part of the adventure,” she concluded with a smile.

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