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Mark Harmon is poised to revisit his role in NCIS: Origins, exploring his character’s formative years within the organization. However, fans may witness Harmon’s return as Gibbs earlier in NCIS season 21, potentially in an episode dedicated to bidding farewell to David McCallum’s character, Ducky Mallard.
In the wake of McCallum’s passing, the CBS police procedural intends to pay tribute to the beloved medical examiner-turned-historian with a dedicated episode. The storyline will revolve around the team solving a case Ducky was working on before his demise.

Considering Gibbs’ longstanding friendship with Ducky pre-dating the series, it’s only fitting for him to attend the planned funeral.

Fortunately, NCIS season 21 won’t heavily emphasize Harmon’s return, given his integral role in the franchise’s history. Instead, Gibbs can respectfully pay his respects at Ducky’s funeral without much fanfare.

Interactions with other characters, including Tim McGee, aren’t necessary despite their long-standing professional relationship. Gibbs’ primary focus is to honor his old friend and bid him a fitting farewell.

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