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The recent conclusion of NCIS season 21 has left fans with two major cliffhangers to ponder over until the show’s next installment airs on CBS later this year. The season finale brought significant attention to Jessica Knight, who accepted a big offer, signaling a move across the country and away from her beloved workplace.

While fans are buzzing with theories about how Jessica’s promotion will impact her career and personal life, another major character’s storyline deserves equal attention. The season ended with a double cliffhanger involving both Jessica Knight and her boss, NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker.

Alden Parker’s storyline took a dramatic turn when he was injured, leading to a vivid vision of a little girl playing on a boat, likely his sister who may have died in that incident. This vision hints at deep, unresolved trauma in Parker’s past, suggesting significant developments in his storyline in the upcoming season.

In addition to these revelations about his past, Parker’s love life might also see some changes. Season 21 hinted at a potential romance with Navy Commander Clara Logan in episode 8. During an investigation into the death of Logan’s medical partner, a dangerous situation brought Clara and Alden closer, allowing them to develop mutual trust.

With Parker’s traumatic past resurfacing through his hallucinations, it’s plausible that his storyline will be enriched further, potentially including a new and refreshing relationship hinted at in the latest season. Fans can look forward to significant developments for both Jessica Knight and Alden Parker when NCIS returns.

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