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Lucas Black Talks Faith and Family After Leaving “NCIS”: Exclusive Interview

Lucas Black, known for his role in “NCIS,” recently opened up about his priorities in an exclusive interview. Putting faith and family above Hollywood success, he discussed his latest movie, “Unsung Hero,” and its themes of faith and family.

Reflecting on his role in the film, Black emphasized the importance of faith and family values. He expressed gratitude for being able to work on a project that aligns with his beliefs.

Black, a father of three, highlighted the significance of his close-knit family. He shared how he and his wife prioritize their relationship and keep Jesus at the center of their lives.

The actor discussed the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood, emphasizing the importance of passing on good values to his children.

Black also touched on his decision to leave “NCIS” after several seasons, citing a desire to prioritize his family over a demanding work schedule.

Following his departure from “NCIS,” Black found new opportunities in faith-based projects like “Legacy Peak” and his latest film, “Unsung Hero.”

“Unsung Hero” is set to premiere on April 26 and features a cast that includes Joel Smallbone and Candace Cameron Bure, among others.

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