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### NCIS Universe Expands: Gibbs and Vance Compete for Franchise Record

Following the surprising cancellation of NCIS: Hawai’i, the NCIS franchise is gearing up for two new additions. NCIS: Origins, a prequel to the original series, will explore a young Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ journey at Camp Pendleton. With this, Gibbs is poised to break a franchise record for most appearances, rivaled by Leon Vance.

Originated by Mark Harmon, Gibbs has been the face of the franchise for nearly 20 years, appearing not only in the parent series but also in spinoffs like NCIS: New Orleans and JAG. Surprisingly, he never made an appearance in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Rocky Carroll’s Leon Vance, introduced in the fifth season, has also become integral to the franchise. Despite Carroll’s initial expectations of a short tenure, Vance has appeared in multiple NCIS iterations, including LA, NOLA, and Hawai’i. His potential appearances in the upcoming Sydney spinoff could solidify his record.

NCIS: Origins offers the possibility of a Gibbs-Vance encounter, with the latter’s inclusion in the prequel not ruled out. Additionally, Vance’s role as NCIS Director opens avenues for further appearances across the franchise.

As the NCIS universe celebrates over 20 years of success, fans can anticipate more crossovers and character interactions. While the future of Gibbs and Vance’s record remains uncertain, their presence on screen is eagerly awaited by fans.

NCIS: Origins is slated to premiere later this year on CBS, offering a glimpse into Gibbs’ early years. Meanwhile, fans can stream episodes of the parent show on Paramount+.

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