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Could Bishop join NCIS: Tony and Ziva to help the couple? Although it’s unlikely that Emily Wickersham will return to NCIS, there is a possibility for her to reprise her role as Ellie Bishop in another NCIS series, such as NCIS: Tony and Ziva. Many characters from NCIS’s past are missed, and Emily Wickersham is one of them. While it seems unlikely that Bishop will return to the flagship team, this doesn’t mean she can’t appear in another series within the universe.

The most obvious option is for her to turn up in NCIS: Tony and Ziva. Given that Bishop is now working with Odette, who Ziva worked with off the books, it’s plausible that Bishop could know about the threat coming after Tony and Ziva. Based on comments about NCIS: Tony and Ziva, it looks like the family is facing a threat that forces them to go on the run across Europe with their tween daughter, Tali. Bishop could be the perfect person to alert them to the danger, considering her connection with Odette.

It makes sense for Ziva to still be in contact with Odette. However, Odette might not have a safe way to reach Ziva alone, so she could send Bishop to warn her. This would also be a great reunion for Tony, who worked with Bishop after Ziva’s initial departure. Tony would likely trust Bishop’s warning more than that of someone he’s never met, prompting him to take the threat seriously and get his family to safety.

As of now, there’s no official word on whether Bishop will appear in NCIS: Tony and Ziva. The show has kept many details under wraps, including whether we’ll see familiar faces from the flagship series or if there will be crossover episodes. However, it would be exciting to see Bishop join the series. Even if she doesn’t appear initially to warn Tony and Ziva of the danger, Odette could send her later to provide updates or critical information.

This would be a great way to find out what Bishop has been up to and how her work with Odette has progressed since her exit, which left many questions unanswered.

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