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### NCIS: Will Knight’s Move to California Break Up Her Relationship with Palmer?

The latest NCIS season finale left fans wondering about the fate of Jessica Knight and Jimmy Palmer’s relationship. Known for its gripping police procedural plots and strong interpersonal dynamics, NCIS took a dramatic turn when Katrina Law’s character, Knight, revealed her plans to move to California.

Knight’s decision to accept a new NCIS position far from her current team and boyfriend Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) has put their relationship in jeopardy. Given NCIS’s history of characters moving on, Knight’s exit isn’t entirely unexpected. Her ambition aligns with the move, but it raises questions about the future for Palmer and the beloved couple.

As season 22 approaches, there’s a way to resolve this dilemma satisfactorily. A breakup might allow both characters to focus on their careers, and an early split could spare Palmer from prolonged emotional pain. While NCIS has seen many significant relationships, the bond between Knight and Palmer is unique, making the potential resolution of their storyline all the more compelling.

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