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**Brian Dietzen Wants a Heart-Wrenching End for NCIS Character Dr. Jimmy Palmer**

Brian Dietzen, who has portrayed Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS since 2004, envisions a powerful and poignant end for his character. Dietzen wants Palmer to die from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), a storyline that would be especially meaningful given Palmer’s background as a knowledgeable doctor and scientist.

Dietzen’s idea for Jimmy Palmer’s death would shift his role from someone who has experienced loss to the source of it, exploring the impact of his illness and eventual death on his daughter. After two decades on NCIS, Dietzen remains one of the few original cast members alongside Sean Murray. Palmer, who started as Dr. Mallard’s assistant, has evolved into the chief medical examiner, playing a crucial role in the series.

As NCIS approaches its 22nd season, Dietzen’s proposal for Palmer’s exit brings a sense of purpose and depth to his character’s departure. While the show has seen many beloved characters leave, Jimmy Palmer’s potential exit due to ALS would undoubtedly be a heart-wrenching moment for fans.

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