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After 20 years on NCIS, Brian Dietzen, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer, shared his thoughts on how he wants his character to die, and I found it moving. Dietzen has been with the show since 2004, initially appearing in a guest role late in season 1. Although Palmer started as an assistant to Dr. Mallard, his role gradually expanded into a series regular, with Jimmy eventually becoming the team’s chief medical examiner. Brian Dietzen’s character plays a vital role in the series, but the actor has contemplated how his journey will end.

As the franchise gears up for NCIS season 22, Brian Dietzen stands as one of the senior cast members, and I believe he’s one of the most significant. Along with co-star Sean Murray, he is one of the only remaining series regulars from NCIS season 1. The thought of losing the Jimmy Palmer character makes me sad, but I find that Brian Dietzen’s vision for his character’s end brings a beautiful sense of purpose to his death. The series has seen many main characters leave, and it’s always tough to say goodbye to favorites. Jimmy Palmer is undoubtedly no exception.

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