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### Knight’s Position Won’t Stay Vacant for Long: Who Will Replace Her?

Jessica Knight’s future in *NCIS* has become a major mystery for fans after the season 21 finale hinted at a significant job opportunity outside the MCRT. While it’s clear Jessica will be leaving her team for this new role, her departure and potential return as a guest star remain unconfirmed.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Jessica Knight’s storyline, there are plenty of contenders ready to step into her role. The list of potential replacements extends beyond the original show’s characters to include professionals from other *NCIS* series, even those that have been canceled.

One popular theory connects Knight’s replacement to *NCIS: Hawai’i*’s lead, Jane Tennant. However, another strong candidate is Special Agent Kensi Blye from *NCIS: Los Angeles*. Portrayed by Daniela Ruah, Kensi has made several appearances in the original show, demonstrating her familiarity with the MCRT.

In addition to her acting, Ruah has honed her directing skills on *NCIS: Los Angeles* and other *NCIS* spinoffs, including the flagship series and *NCIS: Hawai’i*. Her return as Kensi would not only boost her character’s career but also provide Ruah more opportunities to direct future *NCIS* episodes.

Whether Jessica Knight departs for good or returns occasionally, the MCRT is unlikely to be short of capable agents ready to take on her duties.

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