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Unlike most NCIS fans, she remains optimistic.

NCIS enthusiasts are facing a challenging wait, with several months to go before season 22 premieres. The latest season finale left many questions unanswered, particularly concerning two major cliffhangers, one of which involved the uncertainty around Jessica Knight’s potential departure from the series.

Jessica Knight seemed enthusiastic about an offer that would fulfill her biggest dream, taking her away from the MCRT and across the country. However, actress Katrina Law isn’t as certain about her character’s ultimate decision. Reflecting on Jessica’s future following the season 21 finale, which aired about a month ago, Law shared her thoughts on whether her character would stay in the main storyline. Instead of providing clear hints about the next season, she made an ambiguous statement: “The writers said that they were going to bring me back, but they lie sometimes, so we’ll see what happens.”

Law expressed skepticism about Jessica’s departure being permanent, suggesting there would likely be some drama surrounding her promotion and the sacrifices she would need to make for her career advancement.

The actress acknowledged the popular theory that Knight might return to her original position after some time away, saying, “Maybe she realizes that she truly loves her NCIS team or maybe she doesn’t want to do a long-distance relationship, or maybe she just wants to be back in a relationship with Jimmy full-time.”

Law also mentioned there are numerous ways her character could be reintroduced, including a scenario where the MCRT urgently needs Jessica’s help and calls her back.

NCIS season 22 is expected to reveal all the answers this fall on CBS.

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