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**NCIS Spinoff Sparks Excitement for Potential Character Comebacks**

The upcoming NCIS spinoff, *NCIS: Tony & Ziva*, is already stirring excitement and fan theories, even though it’s still months away from premiering. This new series will follow agents Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David on their adventures in Europe, with fans eagerly speculating about other characters from the original series who might make appearances.

The franchise’s new podcast, *Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch*, hosted by Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, has added to the buzz. The podcast, which reunites the actors with former co-stars and crew members, has brought renewed hope for beloved character returns.

Recently, the podcast featured Sean Murray, who plays NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee. During the episode, Cote de Pablo noted that it had been a decade since she, Weatherly, and Murray were all together in the same room. Murray’s heartfelt response, “I know when I see you guys that I feel really good,” brought a wave of nostalgia and fueled hopes for McGee’s potential appearance in the spinoff.

Given the deep bond between McGee, Tony, and Ziva, fans believe it makes sense for McGee to join their new adventures in Europe. With neither Tony nor Ziva likely to leave their careers behind, McGee could easily step in as a valuable ally in their missions.

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