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His trust issues are no longer an obstacle for the big things coming his way.

NCIS’ season 22 is perhaps CBS’s most anticipated arrival, following a season that left many questions about Jessica Knight and her future with the MCRT.

However, let’s be honest: Jessica’s storyline risks losing one of her biggest achievements, whether it’s her dream position or her relationship with Jimmy Palmer, which is a major sacrifice for the series overall. Instead, I’m more curious about Nick Torres and whether those bright prospects are indeed coming his way in the upcoming season.

**Nick Torres’ Character Development in NCIS**

Introduced in season 14, Nick Torres has come a long way, finally resolving the issues that made him uncomfortable even at work. Although no one caused him significant trouble, his insecurities and personal problems made him emotionally unavailable to his colleagues, leading to miscommunication within the team. In season 19, Nick acknowledges his problems and begins therapy sessions that uncover his childhood trauma and strained relationship with his father.

Once Nick realizes he has no reason to doubt everyone around him, he starts forming bonds with his teammates, becoming an integral part of the MCRT.

What’s even more intriguing about season 22 is how it will handle Nick’s story. The character seemed to be starting a new chapter in his life, slowly building a friendship with his boss, Alden Parker, and developing romantic feelings for Special Agent-in-Charge of the NCIS: Hawaiʻi Field Office, Jane Tennant. The latest season featured an unexpected interaction between Nick and Alden when Nick temporarily moved in with Alden while his apartment was inspected for mold.

Meanwhile, the show left the mystery of Nick and Jane’s budding romance unresolved, providing an excellent opportunity to address Nick’s past sufferings and develop Jane Tennant’s storyline, especially since her own mystery was never addressed after NCIS: Hawai’i was canceled.

NCIS’ season 22 will arrive on CBS this fall.

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