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Mark Harmon Returns to Acting After Three-Year Break

Mark Harmon is back in action three years after leaving NCIS, spotted on the set of Freaky Friday 2. After nearly two decades leading the police procedural, Harmon bid farewell to the small screen with a fitting send-off in NCIS season 19 for Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He stepped away from the show that made him a household name to rest from its grueling production schedule. Now, he’s back on set for his next film.

New images from the Daily Mail UK show Harmon on the set of Freaky Friday 2. The much-anticipated Disney sequel has already released promotional images featuring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. While earlier reports confirmed Harmon’s return as Ryan Volvo, these are the first images of him working on the project. In the photos, the former NCIS actor is seen filming a scene with Lohan and Curtis, walking down a busy street.

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