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Mark Harmon, Iconic Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS, Says Goodbye After Two-Decade Run. Gibbs’ Departure Confirmed in Season 19 as He Chooses to Stay in Alaska.

Season 20 Introduces Sean Murray as New Face, Now Portraying McGee.
Fan Response to Gibbs’ Exit from NCIS: Mixed Reactions and Surprising Revelations! Harmon Explains Decision Amidst Transition.

Despite Exiting On-Screen Role, Harmon Keeps Connection Behind Scenes, Teasing Possible Guest Appearance. Farewell Episode “Great Wide Open” Leaves Door Open for Future Gibbs’ Return.

Subtle Hints and Bittersweet Farewell Leave Fans Anticipating Gibbs’ Potential Respite. Click to Uncover the Full Story!

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