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NCIS star Michael Weatherly recently detailed a prank he played on his co-star Sean Murray during their time together on the show. Weatherly and Murray, who portrayed Tony DiNozzo and Tim McGee, respectively, worked together for 13 years until Weatherly’s departure at the end of the 13th season in 2016. Weatherly returned for a guest role in the 21st season earlier this year and shared his prank stories on the “Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch” podcast.

Weatherly explained one particular prank involving Clif Bars, which he described as “granola, oatmeal-y kind of things” that can be shaped into anything when warmed, including something “very poo-like.” He would shape the Clif Bars and place them in Murray’s trailer toilet. Weatherly would then wait outside for Murray to discover the faux “droppings,” resulting in an amusing reaction.

Murray eventually sought revenge. Weatherly recounted how he once noticed a foul smell in his trailer. Upon investigating, he found a concoction resembling a mess in the toilet, created with a boiled egg yolk for the smell and other items like chili and Clif Bars to complete the scene. When Weatherly confronted Murray, Murray responded nonchalantly, adding to the humor of the situation.

Although Weatherly’s return to the main NCIS series was brief, he is set to star in an upcoming spinoff, “NCIS: Tony & Ziva,” alongside Cote de Pablo. Filming for the spinoff is scheduled to begin soon, with a premiere slated for 2025.

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