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Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray’s Most Disgusting NCIS Prank Will Gross You Out

In the world of TV crime dramas, “NCIS” stands out not just for its gripping storylines and beloved characters, but also for the camaraderie and behind-the-scenes antics of its cast. Among the most memorable and hilarious pranksters on the set were Michael Weatherly, who played Tony DiNozzo, and Sean Murray, known for his role as Timothy McGee. Their off-screen shenanigans are legendary, but one prank in particular takes the cake as the most disgusting.

The infamous prank occurred during a particularly tense filming day. As the story goes, Weatherly and Murray decided to play a practical joke on their co-stars, including Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto) and David McCallum (Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard). The prank involved a cleverly disguised piece of “food” that was anything but appetizing.

It started innocently enough with a delivery of what appeared to be a box of delicious doughnuts. The cast and crew, who were always on the lookout for a snack break, eagerly gathered around to grab a bite. Unbeknownst to them, Weatherly and Murray had carefully injected some of the doughnuts with a concoction of mayonnaise and other unmentionable ingredients, creating a revolting surprise for the unsuspecting victims.

As the doughnuts were devoured, the reactions were immediate and unforgettable. Faces twisted in horror, and there were shrieks of disgust as the realization of what they had bitten into dawned on the prank victims. Perrette, known for her playful spirit, reportedly found the prank both hilarious and nauseating, while McCallum, ever the professional, took it all in stride with a bemused smile.

The prank quickly became the talk of the set, cementing Weatherly and Murray’s reputation as the ultimate pranksters. Their ability to lighten the mood with their antics contributed to the close-knit, family-like atmosphere that “NCIS” is known for.

In interviews, both Weatherly and Murray have reminisced about their pranks with fondness, highlighting how these moments of levity helped them cope with the intense filming schedule. For fans of the show, hearing about these behind-the-scenes antics adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their favorite series.

While not everyone may have appreciated the prank in the moment, it certainly left a lasting impression. The story of the mayonnaise-filled doughnuts is now a cherished piece of “NCIS” lore, a testament to the playful spirit and strong bonds between the cast members. So, next time you watch an episode of “NCIS,” remember that behind the serious crime-solving facade, there’s a group of actors who know how to have a good laugh—sometimes at each other’s expense.

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