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Mark Harmon’s Ongoing Feud with Former Co-Star Revealed Amid NCIS Spin-Off Announcement

As one of the longest-running shows in television history, NCIS has seen its fair share of behind-the-scenes drama. With over 450 episodes spanning three decades, it’s no surprise that conflicts can arise among cast members. One such feud that has persisted over the years involves Mark Harmon and his former co-star, Michael Weatherly.

According to insider sources familiar with their working relationship, Harmon still harbors animosity towards Weatherly. Described as a “toxic pain in the butt,” Weatherly’s behavior has tested Harmon’s patience, even years after their time together on NCIS. Despite their separation, Harmon reportedly still views Weatherly as a “loose cannon.”

While workplace conflicts are common in the entertainment industry, the tension between Harmon and Weatherly has remained particularly noteworthy. Unlike some infamous feuds that escalate to physical altercations, such as those between Chevy Chase and Joel McHale on the set of Community, the animosity between Harmon and Weatherly has not reached such extreme levels.

Despite the ongoing tension, NCIS fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the feud has not escalated to the point of disrupting the show’s production or harming its legacy. However, with the recent announcement of the NCIS: Europe spin-off series, it appears that the behind-the-scenes drama continues to simmer beneath the surface.

Michael Weatherly’s Confession: Reflecting on NCIS Dynamics

In a revealing 2007 interview with The Fulton Critic, Michael Weatherly candidly acknowledged his differences with Mark Harmon on the set of NCIS. Weatherly likened their dynamic to being on opposite poles, with himself as Antarctica and Harmon as the North Pole. He humorously described Harmon’s confusion with his approach, using an analogy of water draining in different directions.

Weatherly’s candid nature also led to some lighthearted moments, such as when he expressed excitement about receiving a rubber gun and fake badge during an interview. However, his response contrasted with Harmon’s more serious demeanor, highlighting their contrasting perspectives.

Yet, Weatherly’s behavior hasn’t been without consequences. In 2016, he departed NCIS to star in Bull, only for controversy to emerge. Actress Eliza Dushku, signed for a recurring role, accused Weatherly of making inappropriate comments toward her. This led to the termination of her contract and a subsequent legal battle, resulting in a $9.5 million settlement for Dushku after an investigation.

Weatherly’s journey reflects the complexities of workplace dynamics and the impact of one’s actions, both on and off-screen.
Following his behavior, Weatherly issued an apology to Dushku through a statement to the New York Times. “During the course of taping our show, I made some jokes mocking some lines in the script,” Weatherly explained. “When Eliza told me that she wasn’t comfortable with my language and attempt at humor, I was mortified to have offended her and immediately apologized. After reflecting on this further, I better understand that what I said was both not funny and not appropriate, and I am sorry and regret the pain this caused Eliza.”

As for Mark Harmon’s feud with Michael Weatherly, what’s your take on it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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