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**NCIS: Hawaii’s Final Episode Air Date Revealed Amid Fan Outcry**

NCIS: Hawaii fans are reeling after CBS announced the cancellation of the popular series, despite its strong viewership as one of the network’s top non-sports programs. The show’s demise marks a significant blow, especially as it was the first female-led drama in the NCIS franchise to be cut short after just three seasons.

Alongside NCIS: Hawaii, CBS also bid farewell to So Help Me Todd and CSI: Vegas, casualties of a strategic schedule and cost-cutting measures amid corporate uncertainty at Paramount Global, the network’s parent company currently undergoing a sale process.

Fans eager to catch the final chapter of NCIS: Hawaii’s journey will have their last chance on Monday, May 6, when the season three finale airs on CBS. Titled “Divided We Conquer,” this concluding episode was originally intended to set up future storylines rather than serve as a definitive series finale. Despite the cancellation, sources assure viewers that the episode will not end with a frustrating cliffhanger, providing some closure to the show’s dedicated fan base.

Disappointed viewers have mobilized online, launching a petition urging CBS to reconsider their decision, citing the show’s groundbreaking LGBTQ+ representation through characters like Kate Whistler (Tori Anderson) and Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al-Bustami). The petition has already garnered over 10,000 signatures, underscoring the impact and importance of inclusive storytelling in television.

As fans await the final episode, emotions are running high, with hopes that NCIS: Hawaii’s legacy will continue to resonate beyond its cancellation, inspiring future narratives and representation in the genre.

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