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Vanessa Lachey, who portrayed Special Agent in Charge Jane Tennant in “NCIS: Hawai’i,” expressed deep disappointment and surprise at CBS’s decision to cancel the series after just three seasons. In a heartfelt message shared on social media, Lachey conveyed her feelings of being “gutted, confused, blindsided,” while also expressing gratitude to the show’s dedicated fanbase.

As the first female lead in the NCIS franchise, Lachey’s portrayal of Tennant brought a new dimension to the series. However, the abrupt cancellation means that Tennant’s story will be cut short, leaving fans and the cast alike reeling from the news.

In a subsequent reflection shared on Instagram, Lachey posted a poignant video of herself by the ocean, reminiscent of a scene from the show’s first episode. In her caption, she recalled the early hours of June 2021 when she sat by the ocean, seeking solace and protection for her family, crew, and the show itself. She reflected on the transient nature of life in the entertainment industry, acknowledging that while they had made the most of their time, they were ultimately moving on, leaving behind a legacy for future creators.

Expressing regret that they didn’t have more time or a proper farewell, Lachey emphasized the bond between the cast and crew, urging others to recognize their talent and hire them for future projects. Despite the disappointment of the cancellation, she emphasized the deeper connections forged through their work on the show.

Lachey’s reflections captured the bittersweet essence of the show’s end, highlighting both the cherished memories created and the sadness of saying goodbye to a beloved project.

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