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NCIS history suggests that a particular character could lure Gibbs out of retirement. The former Special Agent in Charge hasn’t appeared in the franchise since Mark Harmon’s character retired from the Major Case Response Team (MCRT) in NCIS season 19. As the face of the series for 19 years, Mark Harmon is a vital part of the NCIS legacy, and his return seems likely. While Harmon will narrate the upcoming NCIS: Origins spinoff, he hasn’t yet reprised his role on-screen.

Since Harmon’s departure, other NCIS characters have stepped up to fill the void. Bringing Leroy Jethro Gibbs back to any NCIS spinoff should be handled with care. Harmon’s return would need a purpose-driven plot, akin to significant events like Tony DiNozzo’s departure. A compelling reason for Gibbs to re-enter the NCIS universe is essential, and such a storyline could be crafted in the latest NCIS spinoff.

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