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Hey, NCIS fans! We’ve uncovered some intriguing details about Agent Jessica Knight, played by Katrina Law, and the rumors surrounding her possible exit from the show. Katrina Law joined NCIS as a recurring character in season 18 and became a regular in season 19. Now, there’s heavy speculation that she might be leaving after season 21, but no one is giving a clear answer.

However, TV Line recently interviewed NCIS showrunner Steve D. Binder and Katrina Law herself. They directly asked Katrina if she’s returning for season 22, and she teased, “Hmmm…. Better tune in for that season opener!” She then shared her thoughts on Jessica’s future, especially after being offered a position at Camp Pendleton in the season 21 finale.

Katrina said, “I think that at the end, Jessica has to take this position because she knows deep down this is what she wants. She’s very ambitious and wants a career. To her, a long-distance relationship isn’t the end of things. At the same time, maybe it is if it doesn’t work out. She has to move forward and see where these things lead. She can’t settle into something she knows will ultimately make her angry and have regrets.”

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