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“NCIS: Los Angeles” lead Daniela Ruah recently opened up about her experiences on set, shedding light on her dynamic with co-star Eric Christian Olsen. Ruah candidly shared how Olsen’s on-set behavior often leaves her feeling exasperated, admitting that he regularly “drives me nuts” during filming.

The long-running series, which spanned an impressive 14 seasons, centered around the high-stakes missions of the OSP (Office of Special Projects) team. Among its key characters were the married duo Kensi Blye, portrayed by Ruah, and Marty Deeks, played by Olsen. Their on-screen chemistry and partnership added depth to the show’s narrative, captivating audiences throughout its successful run.
In the CBS police procedural, Marty Deeks is known as the prankster of the group, and actor Eric Christian Olsen enjoys teasing his co-stars whenever the opportunity arises.

During an appearance on The Queen Latifah Show alongside his onscreen wife Daniela Ruah, Olsen, aged 46, revealed a habit of his that tends to irritate her. When asked if they ever get on each other’s nerves, Olsen chuckled while Ruah groaned and made a face in response.

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