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“NCIS Spinoff Brings Back Long-Absent Character in a Surprising Twist”

In a bold move, a new NCIS spinoff is set to revive a character missing from the franchise for 19 years. Over the years, NCIS has reintroduced unexpected faces like Anthony DiNozzo in Season 21 and shifted others to different spinoffs, such as Sam Hanna to NCIS: Hawai’i post-NCIS: Los Angeles’ cancellation in 2023. The high-stakes world of NCIS often precludes returns due to dramatic outcomes, as seen with characters like Jackie Vance and Eli David, whose deaths closed their stories permanently. However, the latest spinoff presents a unique chance for a comeback.

NCIS: Origins Might Feature Kate Todd in a Prequel Context
NCIS: Origins, set in 1991, explores Gibbs’ early NCIS career at Camp Pendleton after military service. This era opens the door for Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander), killed off in NCIS Season 2, to reenter the storyline. Despite the age gap between Kate and Gibbs, the early 1990s setting aligns with her adult years, seamlessly integrating her character into the narrative. This spinoff promises a fresh exploration of Kate Todd within the NCIS universe, offering fans an exciting journey into the past.

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