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### NCIS: Origins to Reveal Gibbs’ Heartbreaking Past

Get ready for NCIS fans! The brand new spinoff, NCIS: Origins, is set to premiere on CBS later this year, promising to uncover deep mysteries from Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ life that the original series left untouched.

The show will rewind time to Gibbs’ early days as an aspiring Special Agent, delving into his career successes and, more importantly, his profound personal tragedy. While specific plot details remain under wraps, the spinoff hints at exploring a significant storyline linked to Gibbs’ past.

For years, NCIS viewers have yearned for insights into Gibbs’ first wife Shannon and their daughter Kelly, tragically killed by a Mexican drug dealer. This pivotal event in Gibbs’ life shifted his focus and ultimately led him to NCIS, guided by Agent Mike Franks who investigated the murders.

NCIS: Origins is poised to finally bring Shannon and Kelly’s story to light, possibly through flashbacks or visualizations that unveil long-held mysteries.

Don’t miss NCIS: Origins as it premieres on CBS this fall, promising an emotional journey into Gibbs’ untold past.

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