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“People Magazine’s Exclusive: Rocky Carroll Reveals ‘NCIS’ Cast’s Reaction to Filming 1000th Episode!

Rocky Carroll, a veteran of 17 seasons and 357 episodes on ‘NCIS,’ opens up about the monumental milestone of reaching the 1000th episode across all five series. Surprisingly, Carroll admits that amidst numerous achievements throughout the show’s history, hitting this particular milestone didn’t initially feel like a big deal.

Reflecting on past celebrations for milestones like the 100th and 200th episodes, Carroll recalls the light-hearted joke made by Michael Weatherly about reaching 400 episodes. When it came time to film the 1000th episode, Carroll confesses that he only realized its significance after shooting had wrapped up, demonstrating the cast’s humble and focused work ethic.

While CBS organized a special luncheon to mark the occasion, Carroll emphasizes that the cast swiftly returned to work, embodying the show’s blue-collar approach to production. Despite external recognition of the show’s uniqueness, Carroll explains that the cast remains grounded, prioritizing the task at hand over reveling in their success.

Carroll delves into the reasons behind the franchise’s enduring popularity, citing the flexibility of characters and storylines over the years. He highlights the show’s ability to evolve while maintaining its core identity, with a nod to former NCIS veteran Mark Harmon’s belief that the agency itself is the true star of the show.

As ‘NCIS’ continues to captivate audiences, Carroll’s insights offer a glimpse into the dedicated and resilient spirit of the cast and crew behind one of television’s longest-running procedural dramas.

Tune in to ‘NCIS’ Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS for more thrilling investigations and heartfelt moments!”

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