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### What the Showrunner and Katrina Law Shared About Knight’s Future on NCIS

If you watched the season finale, you saw Jessica Knight accept a position at Camp Pendleton, sparking speculation about her future on the show. Co-showrunner Steve D. Binder addressed this with TV Line, stating, “We’ve set something up there, and I will point you toward our track record where ‘you never know.’ We’ve had people look like they were going away and then it’s found out they weren’t going away, and then people who just disappear like Gibbs.”

Binder explained their approach, comparing it to Tony DiNozzo’s departure. “Tony actually left the show for his child. For Knight, it’s a combination of her career aspirations and her fluctuating relationship with Jimmy. This dynamic makes it easier for her to say goodbye.”

He added, “We aim to please, and we think the audience will be satisfied with where they see this go. Sometimes that satisfaction is bittersweet, and sometimes it’s just pure joy. You’ll have to wait to find out which one it’s going to be.”

### Katrina Law’s Insights

When asked by TV Line if she’d return for Season 22, Katrina Law responded with a laugh, “Hmmm…. Better tune in for that season opener!”

Discussing her character’s choice, Law said, “Jessica knows deep down this is what she wants. She’s ambitious and sees a long-distance relationship as something that can work, or maybe it won’t if things don’t go well. She can’t settle into something that will ultimately make her regretful and angry. Jimmy understands this too — he had the chance to ask her not to take the job, but he didn’t because he knows Knight needs to pursue this.”

Law emphasized the importance of both characters following their paths and seeing where it leads, keeping viewers intrigued for the upcoming season.

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