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A new NCIS spinoff can finally bring back a character who hasn’t appeared in the franchise for 19 years. Over the years, some characters have made surprising returns, like Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) in NCIS Season 21, or joined other spinoffs, such as Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) transitioning to NCIS: Hawai’i after NCIS: Los Angeles was canceled in 2023.

The nature of NCIS agents’ jobs frequently results in harrowing consequences, preventing some characters or family members from returning. Memorable deaths, such as those of Jackie Vance and Eli David, limit a character’s opportunities for reappearance once they have been portrayed on television. While this character will not appear in NCIS Season 22, the latest spinoff provides a unique opportunity for their return after nearly two decades.

NCIS: Origins Could Feature Kate Todd as Its First Spinoff Set in the Past

NCIS: Origins is the first spinoff that could feature Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) because it’s set in the past. This prequel series, taking place in 1991, follows Gibbs as he begins his career at Camp Pendleton after his military service. This timeline allows for the return of Kate Todd, who was killed in NCIS Season 2, making her reappearance otherwise impossible.

NCIS: Origins takes place when Gibbs is in his mid-thirties, beginning in the fledgling NCIS office. Despite the age difference between Kate and Gibbs, the early 1990s setting fits Kate’s adulthood, allowing her character to be included in the storyline. This spinoff provides a unique opportunity to revisit and expand on Kate Todd’s character in the NCIS universe.

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