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NCIS star Sean Murray reminisced about an on-set injury from the early days of the show. Having been a part of the long-running CBS drama since its first season, portraying Special Agent Timothy McGee has led to a few mishaps for the actor. While chatting with former co-stars Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo on their podcast, Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch, he recalled a particular incident involving a car wash.

According to ScreenRant, the trio reflected on Season 2 of NCIS, when McGee had to chase a suspect through a car wash. Murray recounted how he slipped and fell on his hand, resulting in “very limited mobility” in his right thumb to this day. He explained, “I know, running through that car wash, which I did many times and was a real car wash. I remember taking a sharp right… I take a sharp right, my dress shoes come out right from under me because I’m sprinting. I come down on my right hand. And, you know, like a lot of us actor types, we jump up, we just keep doing our thing. We don’t even really notice what we do until afterwards.” While the injury wasn’t severe, it still had lasting effects. Nonetheless, Murray’s ability to continue with NCIS for 20 seasons shows that it didn’t hinder him significantly. He laughed while recounting the story, indicating it wasn’t too traumatic. However, he might avoid car washes for a while.

Injuries are an expected part of filming a show like NCIS, especially with stunts involved. Sean Murray handled the situation professionally. With NCIS heading into its 22nd season and Murray having no plans to leave, it’s clear the incident didn’t leave too big of a mark. Fans continue to find the stunts, both planned and accidental, entertaining, adding to the show’s appeal.

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