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In NCIS season 22, Sean Murray will break an impressive franchise record. Portraying Special Agent Timothy McGee, Murray has been a staple of the series since its inception in season 1. Throughout his tenure, he has worked alongside every Major Case Response Team (MCRT) member, establishing himself as a vital part of the show’s history. As the upcoming season approaches, McGee stands out not only as a key member of the current NCIS cast but also as one of its longest-serving actors.

Starting as a rookie under the guidance of Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Michael Weatherly’s Tony DiNozzo, McGee has advanced significantly. He has risen from the ranks of probationary agent to becoming next-in-command to Alden Parker and Director Leon Vance. This progression highlights McGee’s crucial role within the series. Similarly, Sean Murray’s longstanding presence on the show underscores his importance, with his upcoming record-breaking achievement further solidifying his legacy as one of NCIS’s most senior cast members.

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