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### Wilmer Valderrama Hints at Dramatic NCIS Exit Plan

Wilmer Valderrama isn’t leaving “NCIS” anytime soon, but he has given some thought to his character’s potential exit. As he gears up for the filming of season 22, Valderrama shared his dramatic vision for Agent Nick Torres’ possible departure during a panel at the 2024 Monte-Carlo Television Festival in Monaco.

When asked how he’d like Torres to be killed off, Valderrama referenced Denzel Washington’s iconic death scene in “Training Day.” “Just go out like Denzel,” he said. “Not as a bad guy, but defending my family in a storm of bullets, dying heroically with violins in the background and pouring rain.”

Valderrama, who joined “NCIS” in 2016, quickly became a fan favorite with compelling storylines and his strong bond with the cast. He emphasized this camaraderie in an April interview with People, stating, “We have a blast on set! The darker the case, the funnier the set. We laugh our asses off.”

He also expressed his gratitude for being part of the iconic “NCIS” legacy in an Instagram post celebrating the show’s 1000th episode in April 2024. “What a privilege to share the screen with all these amazing people,” he wrote. “Thank you to everyone that laid a brick in such a monumental moment for the number 1 TV franchise in the world!”

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