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NCIS: Sydney is set to return for a thrilling second season! The first international spin-off of the NCIS franchise has been confirmed to air on CBS in the US and Paramount+ worldwide, as reported by Deadline.

The series follows NCIS Special Agent Michelle Mackey, portrayed by Olivia Swann, as she teams up with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to investigate cases involving Americans abroad.

Joining the cast are Todd Lasance and Tuuli Narkle, known for their roles in Home and Away and Mystery Road: Origin, respectively, portraying AFP agents JD Dempsey and Evie Cooper. Additionally, former Neighbours star Mavournee Hazel shines as AFP forensic scientist Blue Gleeson.

NCIS: Sydney, created by The Factory’s Morgan O’Neill, premiered last November to critical acclaim and streaming success. It quickly became CBS’s top-rated new series last autumn, captivating over 8 million viewers per episode across various platforms. Get ready for more action-packed investigations in the upcoming season!

O’Neill announced the show’s renewal: “We’re beyond stoked with the response to the first season of the show, both in Australia and around the world, and that the team at NCIS: Sydney is returning for a second season.

“We’re especially thrilled to invite our audience deeper into the lives of our core team, peeling back the layers to find out what really makes them tick.
“This will be even more important as we see the bonds of the new family tested to breaking point in the face of a much more potent enemy looming on the horizon.”

Earlier this year, cast member Lasance said that the NCIS: Sydney crew were hopeful of a second-season renewal.

“I’m obviously eager for the finale’s big reveal to come to fruition and for us to work through all that,” he told TVLine. “But I’m also itching to dive back into action sequences. I want to get into some shoot-outs, car chases, and big-scale action scenes because that’s what NCIS is renowned for.”

The Sydney show is just one of several new NCIS spin-offs. Producers are also developing a prequel centered around Mark Harmon’s Gibbs and a companion series bringing back classic characters Ziva and DiNozzo.

NCIS airs on CBS in the US, while Seasons 1-20 are available for streaming on Disney+ in the UK.

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