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NCIS Spinoff Latest Update Promises Fans a ‘New Era’ with Tony & Ziva

The beloved NCIS duo, Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), were last seen together in season 17 when Ziva reunited with Tony and their daughter, Tali, in Paris. Fans have been eagerly awaiting their return, and their wishes were granted with the announcement of the NCIS: Tony & Ziva spinoff.

This 10-episode drama, set in Europe, follows Tony and Ziva as they navigate life after an attack on Tony’s security firm forces them into hiding. As they uncover the culprit, they must rebuild trust and address Ziva’s strained relationship with Tali. Filming is set for Budapest and other European locations, with Michael Weatherly recently hinting on Instagram that shooting has begun.

Weatherly’s post, featuring a sunbathing photo, was captioned: “The beginning of a new era has begun within the #ncisverse #tonyandziva.” Casting is underway for a teenager to play Tali, who was just under two years old in her last NCIS appearance. The series will also introduce a “Russian hacker and a French liaison,” and there’s potential for cameos from former NCIS team members.

While a release date hasn’t been set, fans can expect the series to premiere in late 2024 or early 2025. Weatherly expressed his excitement on TikTok, describing the show as a “10-hour movie” that allows for deeper character exploration and a serialized story format.

Stay tuned for more updates on NCIS: Tony & Ziva as production continues!

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