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### NCIS: Tony & Ziva Spinoff Set to Reunite Iconic Duo

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, pivotal characters introduced in NCIS’s early days, are poised to return to the spotlight in their own streaming spinoff, NCIS: Tony and Ziva. The series, announced in February 2024, promises to delve into their post-NCIS adventures.

Following Ziva’s dramatic return in NCIS Season 17, where she emerged from hiding after faking her death, the spinoff finds her reunited with Tony and their daughter Tali in Paris. Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo will reprise their roles, marking their first on-screen reunion since 2013.

Production is set to begin later this summer, with a release expected in 2025, possibly in the spring or summer. Fans can anticipate the continuation of Tony and Ziva’s compelling storyline, which has been a hallmark of NCIS’s rich narrative tapestry.

Stay tuned as more details unfold about NCIS: Tony and Ziva, promising an exciting new chapter for these beloved characters.

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