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“NCIS Fans Up in Arms Over Spinoff’s Big Oversight: Gibbs’ Iconic Look Ignored in New Series!”

Excitement for NCIS: Origins, the upcoming spinoff delving into Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ backstory, is marred by controversy. While the series gears up for production, a first promo image featuring a younger Gibbs, portrayed by Austin Stowell, has fans buzzing – and not in a good way.

The bone of contention? Gibbs’ iconic hairstyle, or lack thereof. In the original series, Mark Harmon’s Gibbs sported a consistent short haircut, symbolizing his steadfast principles and unwavering demeanor. However, Stowell’s portrayal showcases long locks, a departure from the character’s established look.

For die-hard fans, this seemingly minor detail strikes a chord. Gibbs’ haircut wasn’t just a style choice; it was emblematic of his unyielding beliefs and commitment to duty. His unchanging appearance mirrored his resolute character, making it a defining trait throughout NCIS’ run.

The oversight hasn’t gone unnoticed, sparking debate among fans who fear the spinoff may miss the mark on capturing Gibbs’ essence. With production yet to commence, there’s hope that the creators will rectify this misstep, ensuring Gibbs’ iconic look remains intact and true to his enduring legacy.

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