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Netflix Reverses Decision on NCIS Removal: What You Need to Know

Netflix has decided to keep a portion of the hit TV show NCIS on its platform, following uproar from fans over its planned removal at the end of June. Originally, Netflix intended to drop the entire series, prompting disappointment among viewers since NCIS remains one of television’s most-watched shows, both on air and on streaming platforms like Netflix.

Here’s the latest update on what Netflix plans to do with NCIS:

Initially, Netflix was set to remove NCIS completely, aligning with Paramount+ as the show’s official home for new episodes after their CBS broadcast. However, Netflix has adjusted its strategy. Instead of removing all seasons, Netflix will retain Seasons 12 through 15, leaving out only Seasons 1 through 11.

This decision likely stems from CBS’s strategy to direct viewers seeking recent seasons, including pivotal Tony and Ziva moments, to Paramount+ rather than Netflix. The upcoming spinoff series, NCIS: Tony & Ziva on Paramount+, will reunite the beloved characters for a new adventure in Europe. This spinoff underscores CBS’s focus on streaming exclusivity for its popular franchises.

Tony and Ziva’s storyline began prominently in Season 3, marking a significant shift in the series’ dynamic. Their journey together evolved until Ziva’s apparent death in Season 11. Subsequent cameo appearances in Seasons 16 and 17, crucial for understanding their story, will also no longer be available on Netflix.

As Netflix adjusts its NCIS lineup, fans can anticipate the continuation of Tony and Ziva’s narrative exclusively on Paramount+. Are you disappointed by Netflix’s cut of Ziva’s storyline? And are you looking forward to NCIS: Tony & Ziva on Paramount+? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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