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**Netflix Reverses Decision on NCIS Removal: Here’s What You Need to Know**

In a surprising turn of events, Netflix has decided to keep some seasons of the hit TV show NCIS on its platform, contrary to its previous announcement of removal by the end of June. This decision has left fans relieved, considering NCIS remains one of the most-watched shows on television, including on streaming services like Netflix.

Here’s a breakdown of what Netflix plans to do with NCIS moving forward:

### Netflix to Retain Some NCIS Seasons

Initially, Netflix had announced the removal of NCIS entirely from its streaming service, leading to disappointment among fans. However, the updated news reveals that only select seasons will be removed.

Moving forward, Netflix will keep a small number of NCIS seasons on its platform. Specifically, Seasons 12 through 15 will remain available for streaming. This decision leaves out Seasons 1 through 11, marking a significant change from the previous plan to remove the entire series.

### Reasoning Behind the Decision

While Netflix has not provided a specific reason for this change, it’s evident that the decision aligns with CBS’s strategy. Paramount+ serves as the official home for NCIS, hosting new episodes shortly after they air on CBS. By retaining only select seasons on Netflix, CBS likely aims to direct viewers to Paramount+ for access to the complete series, especially newer seasons.

### Impact on Tony and Ziva’s Storyline

The decision also affects viewers’ access to Tony and Ziva’s storyline. Their relationship, which began in Season 3 and concluded in Season 11, will no longer be available on Netflix. Additionally, Ziva’s subsequent cameo appearances in Seasons 16 and 17, along with the upcoming NCIS spinoff, “Tony & Ziva,” will be exclusive to Paramount+.

### What’s Next for NCIS Fans?

As NCIS fans adjust to this change, excitement brews for the upcoming spinoff series, “NCIS: Tony & Ziva,” set to premiere on Paramount+. The series promises to reunite the fan-favorite characters for a thrilling adventure in Europe, offering new storylines and character developments.

Are you disappointed by the removal of Ziva’s NCIS appearances from Netflix? Are you looking forward to the spinoff on Paramount+? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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