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**Exciting Changes Ahead for NCIS Universe: Abby’s Possible Return**

As NCIS gears up for its triumphant return with Season 22 and two new spinoffs delving into beloved characters’ backstories, fans are buzzing over the potential return of a fan favorite.

For over a decade, Chief Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto, played by Pauley Perrette, stole hearts before her departure in Season 15. Her exit, prompted by complications with co-star Mark Harmon, who portrayed Leroy Jethro Gibbs, left fans yearning for her return.

Now, with tensions between Perrette and Harmon resolved, CBS executives have hinted at a warm welcome should Perrette choose to reprise her role. With Harmon’s departure from current NCIS shows (though he remains in NCIS: Origins), Abby’s comeback seems more plausible than ever.

The upcoming spinoff, NCIS: Tony & Ziva, exploring Tony and Ziva’s European adventures, presents a perfect opportunity for Abby’s London return, where her character’s presence would be warmly welcomed by longtime fans.

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