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Pauley Perrette, beloved for her iconic 15-year run as Abby Sciuto on the long-standing CBS crime drama, has shifted gears since the show’s cancellation after one season. In 2020, she announced her retirement from acting, opting to share glimpses of her private life instead.

Recently, the former TV star delighted fans with a social media post showcasing her burgeoning green thumb. She shared snapshots from her garden, proudly displaying the first green tomatoes in bloom. Fans were not only impressed by her gardening skills but also intrigued by the small tattoos adorning the back of her hand and fingers, which include a rainbow, a cross, and an upward arrow.

The post sparked nostalgia among her followers, with one fan commenting, “I know that hand like the back of my hand,” while another recognized her immediately, writing, “I saw your hand and knew it was yours.” A third fan chimed in, expressing fondness and longing, “We miss you.”

Perrette continues to engage with her fans through these personal updates, showcasing her passion for gardening and maintaining a connection with those who followed her career on “NCIS.”

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