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“Sally M. from Atlanta asks: ‘Are Pauley Perrette’s Tattoos on NCIS Real or Just Part of Her Character’s Look?'”
Perrette’s tattoos on NCIS are a blend of reality and costume. “The spiderweb on my character’s neck and the cross on her back are applied by the CBS makeup department,” Perrette explains, referring to her role on the hit Tuesday night drama. “The producers wanted tattoos that would always be visible, regardless of what I was wearing.”

Regarding her real tattoos, Perrette humorously admits, “Honestly, I’ve lost count!” However, one tattoo holds special significance for her. “It’s on the inside of my left ring finger,” she shares. “It’s the inscription ’12:21,’ which references my favorite Bible verse, Romans 12:21: ‘Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.’ It’s my personal mantra, a constant reminder I see every day.”

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  1. Hello Ms. Pauley are u planning on getting anymore tattoos in the near future and by the way I am a huge fan of urs I love u like a big sister

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