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**Feud Rumors Rock ‘NCIS’: Rocky Carroll and Wilmer Valderrama at Odds?**

Speculations are swirling about a potential feud between *NCIS* co-stars Rocky Carroll and Wilmer Valderrama, leaving fans curious about behind-the-scenes dynamics. Known for their captivating performances, the alleged discord is particularly notable amidst delays in the upcoming season due to industry-wide strikes.

Rumors of tension between Carroll and Valderrama began circulating after series lead Mark Harmon’s departure, creating a shift in the show’s dynamic. Carroll, a cast member since 2008, and Valderrama, who joined in 2016, are rumored to be in an unspoken battle for prominence.

Insiders hint that Valderrama’s vocal stance on his character’s significance might be fueling competitive tensions with Carroll. The current production delays and uncertainties have further strained the cast and crew, exacerbating the situation.

Despite these rumors, their public interactions on social media tell a different story. Both actors have shown mutual support and appreciation for each other. Valderrama has publicly expressed gratitude towards his colleagues, including Carroll, for their camaraderie on and off the set. Similarly, Carroll has congratulated Valderrama on his professional achievements and personal milestones.

Neither actor has publicly addressed the feud rumors, leaving fans curious about the impact on their on-screen chemistry. As the new season of *NCIS* approaches, viewers will be keen to observe how Carroll and Valderrama navigate these developments. Whether the rumored tensions manifest on screen or prove to be unfounded, audiences will undoubtedly scrutinize the forthcoming episodes for signs of camaraderie or discord.

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