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### NCIS’ Unlocked Door Secret: Gibbs’ Heartbreaking Origin Story

Discover the profound reason behind Agent Gibbs’ unique habit of leaving his front door unlocked. As NCIS enters its 22nd season, Mark Harmon’s portrayal of Gibbs continues to fascinate, even after his departure from the show.

Gibbs, known for his monastic lifestyle and avoidance of modern technology, has a deeply rooted sorrow behind his seemingly innocuous habit. It stems from the tragic murder of his first wife and daughter, a loss that drove him into a relentless pursuit of justice.

During a revealing episode of the Off Duty: An NCIS Rewatch podcast with Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, Gibbs’ door unlocking habit was explained. According to de Pablo, Gibbs maintains this practice because he has already lost what mattered most to him — indicating a profound detachment from material possessions.

This poignant backstory sheds light on Gibbs’ character, showing how his past trauma continues to influence his daily life and choices. As NCIS: Origins, starring Austin Stowell as young Gibbs, prepares to delve deeper into his early years, fans eagerly anticipate uncovering more about the formative events that shaped Gibbs into the enigmatic agent he became.

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